Our Custodial Relationships

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Hightower does not take custody of its clients’ assets. We guide your choice of third-party custodians to hold and protect your money. Instead of limiting your custodial choice to a single legacy or captive relationship, Hightower has forged partnerships with several reliable, secure, and independent firms with deep financial experience.

Separation of Services = Checks & Balances

The functions of the three service providers above are separate and independent to provide for a system of checks and balances.

When the investment advisor is independent of the other service providers, it minimizes or eliminates potential conflicts of interest.

1. Broker/Dealer Trade Execution

2. Custodian Asset Protection

3. Investment Advisor / Money Managers

Investment Advisors & Custodians

Investment Advisors

  • Assess the financial needs and goals of clients

  • Provide portfolio management and investment recommendations to meet these financial goals

  • Educate clients on investment options

  • Monitor and update client goals and appropriate investment solutions


  • Safeguard financial assets

  • Arrange settlement for purchases and sales of securities

  • Issue statements and transaction confirmations

RJ Wealth Management Custodians

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